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6 Question To Ask Before You Award Your School Website Revamp

Before you decide which agency offers you the best value for your money, ask these six questions.

It’s designed to prevent you from grief.

1. What’s the strategy followed in the build of websites

Is the strategy backed by data, or opinions?
Data = this is what research on publicly available data on the website shows
Opinion = This is what we believe, I think should be done

2. What is the value created for your customers and how does it play out?

How does your website offer value to your customers?
Manifest in terms of content that helps customers make a better decision in your category.
Eg Blogs, Guides, PDF Downloads that offer tips to customers, FAQs, etc.

3. What are the heuristics, or best practices-driven insights?

Are there any best practices laid out for you to follow. Do these cover best practices in Information Architecture, Persuasion Frameworks in Copy, Funnels, Lead Magnets, Capture Devices, Autoresponder Sequences, and more.

4. Is the website thinking more technology driven, or is it balanced with marketing?

Eg Tech thinking on websites dwell on the type of CMS, HTML. JS, CSS, Functionality, etc

Marketing thinking emphasises persuasion, product ladders, conversion, retention and acquisition funnels and flows on the website.

You need both these types to succeed.

5. Is the build process clear and explained in a way that you can understand it?

Every website build has specific processes and rules that cover

  1. Information Architecture & Navigation
  2. Copywriting that Persuades Customers
  3. Product Ladders and Pricing
  4. Design that’s contextual to the written word
  5. Visual elegance as opposed to clutter
  6. Content that builds trust and authority with your customers
  7. Funnels and capture systems
  8. Automation and nurture systems

Without these ingredients, you cannot build a conversion focussed school website.

So before you throw the many down the drain, use these questions to arrive at an informed decision.

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All the questions you need to ask for a

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