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Digital Marketing that Gets Parents to Like Your School.

It's no secret that parents are highly influential in their children's lives, but is your school  aware of just how influential parents have become in students' decisions to enroll and re-enroll?

Parents are said to have a choice when it comes to their child’s education. It is important for schools to develop marketing plans and campaigns specifically tailored to involve parents and influence the influencer.

Here are 5 examples of different digital marketing approaches that you can use to reach out to, and connect with, the parents of prospective student.

Invest in a Web Portal for Parents

Pages on the website that specifically target parents are very common. But more and more schools are moving forward with this idea, creating fuller microsites or portals to serve the experiences to prospective as well as enrolled students' parents.

The web portal helps parents communicate with teachers and stay informed about their children’s progress and discipline at school. Notices, calendars, reports, timetables, assignments, attendance, assessment reporting, communication and discussion forums, are all available in one convenient location which parents can access anywhere, anytime from their personal dashboard.

There is no question that managing a portal adds significantly to your already over-taxed workload, but the results are well worth it!

Create a Blog

By creating a blog, you are also creating an online presence that can be used for multiple purposes: post announcements, carry classroom candid moments, publish student’s achievements, assign group tasks, disseminate learning resources and helpful links.

Since a blog has a comment system, parents can immediately respond to voice out their queries, clarify topics and ideas for class activities. You can also dedicate a post on your model student and special awards to motivate them.

By updating your blog on a regular basis, parents will definitely appreciate your effort in fostering the learning process.

Build a Facebook Group, or Fan Page

Many parents are already on Facebook, so it makes sense to communicate with them there.

Facebook allows you to share class news and information with the parents of your students. You can create a private parents’ group for your class and share information only with the parents of your students.

Create Virtual Pinboards

Platforms like Pinterest support a virtual pinboard that allows users to pin images from blogs and websites.

Virtual pinboards are visually appealing and easy to use. You can use this tool to create boards that you think would interest your parents, such as Books and Activities, Places to Go, drawings of their children, or Math and Science Activities.

Make parents aware of your site and how to set up an account so they can access it. Starting parents off with something that is practical, enjoyable, and easy to use is a great way to initiate them into using technology.

Conduct Webinars and Online Chats

Webinars and online chats are a great resource to implement in your communication strategy.

Having an engaging, one-on-one conversation with every parent is near impossible, but it is still important to give them the most personalized experience when interacting with your school.

These interactive features also enable parents to ask questions and receive real-time, quality answers that can’t be addressed on a website or in a brochure. A majority of parents have questions that admission staff hear on a daily basis, so by creating an open forum, campus representatives can answer the question once and satisfy multiple parent enquiries.

For school recruiters and marketing teams, it is critical to understand exactly who’s influencing your prospective students and include those target audiences in your communication efforts.

Don’t let this be an item on the checklist; make it a purposeful strategy for achieving your larger classroom goals.

Do you have digital marketing ideas that work for your school?

Share it with us and our readers. Use the comment form below.

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