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How your School can get on top of Twitter

600 million daily searches and 10 billion tweets later, Twitter has established itself as a critical element to any social media marketing strategy. 

Twitter’s success is not surprising, given its unique balance of business and personal use and high-quality users.

A lot can be accomplished within Twitter's limit of just 140 characters. It’s true that Twitter is what you make of it. Some people publicize their daily activities, some make it about love, some share quotes all day long. Smart people using Twitter for business mix it up.

Here are 5 ways to use Twitter more effectively in your school's social media campaign.

Show #Leadership by Adopting Early

Not all schools are on Twitter right now, so it is a great opportunity to show leadership and innovation.

The sooner you begin to Tweet, the bigger the platform will get for you, and before the other schools join in, you will already be settled in with your long list of followers. This will give you increased authority and show that you are not afraid to taking initiative.

Use the #hashtag

A hashtag is a signpost and directional character that helps users quickly find the information they’re looking for on Twitter. For example, you can tweet, “We are so excited about our #VirtualWalkingTour that just went #LIVE on our #Facebook page. Visit our tour here: (insert shortened URL).”

Anyone who searches for those topics with the #sign will see your tweet in their feeds, which increases your reach and visibility. As such, using hashtags helps increase your campus’ visibility in the Twitterverse and also creates more engaging conversations with prospective students.

Nothing's wrong with creating #multipleaccounts

When targeting leads and conversion, make accounts for each of your universities schools such as law, health, business, etc, individually.

For a more internal approach create separate accounts for school news, alumni, admissions, athletics, student life, etc. This way, you can really target a specific niche and post relevant content that users will actually enjoy. Just be sure to stay active and up to date throughout your twittersphere.

#Connect with the right people

Staying informed about industry trends is another important part of Twitter marketing. Follow the movers and shakers of your industry to gain insights about what your demographic may be interested in and also for ideas to implement into your campaign in the future.

The second is after you find your targeted audience, don’t just tweet them —tweet with them. Follow their conversations, add in your opinions and experiences from time to time. Doing these things will help you run a successful Twitter campaign that will give your brand exposure as a leader in your industry!


Although many colleges and universities excel at initiating posts on social media, few invest as much time in responding to posts, which is critical for engagement. Rather than putting the burdens of managing social media programs on one person, create a panel of content creators and make it part of their duties to respond to posts. Be specific – give them a timeframe during which they should respond as well as parameters for the responses.

A simple place to begin is by writing “thank you” for positive comments, shares, retweets, etc. While larger schools that are bombarded with daily message might find it easier to respond to the top three or four that bring the most value to their social channels.

Since Twitter is widely used by prospective students, is fun and targeted, the new platform can help build a more personal relationship between prospective students and schools if used correctly. Schools will be more likely to foster an effective online community and support their recruitment goals.

Stay ahead of the social media curve by developing a twitter strategy to engage prospective, current and past students.

Do you have a Twitter strategy that works for your school?

Come, share it with us and our readers. Use the comment form below.

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