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What can International Schools learn from the Moving Business?

At Pigtail Pundits, we have done four International School websites.

  1. Ecole Mondiale
  2. DSB International School
  3. NES international School, Mulund
  4. NES International School, Dombivli

Equally we execute and promote websites and content for moving companies.

  1. We did the Writer Relocations website and are currently engaged in content marketing and PPC for it
  2. We're working on the content marketing for along with the PPC for it


Glovve's Moving Tips
Glovve's Moving Tips


What do international schools and moving have in common?

Both exist in very competitive niches.


Home Page of Ecole Mondiale World School

The number of schools offering international curriculum is increasing each year. The moving business is cut throat with big, established businesses, and down-the-road packers and movers.

And oh, there is another common thing: International teachers do move frequently and they do take help of international movers for this.

Obviously, all international schools aren’t the same.

Parents are troubled by many issues when it comes to choosing an international school

  1. The school culture is important to many parents
  2. International curriculum and affiliations become priority for a few
  3. The ease with which children can be transferred to their home country after studying in a school [international students]
  4. The school infrastructure is  a matter of concern
  5. Quality of teaching and teachers is what some look deeply into
  6. The kind and type of events held by the school gain importance for a few
  7. The prospects of admission to local and/or international colleges is a concern for many
  8. The opportunities afforded by the school for self-development, leadership, etc, are questions that parents ask


Home Page of DSB International School Mumbai


Equally, not all packers and movers are the same.

There are lots of differentiators and nuances that customers need to know

  1. Degree of professionalism shown by its staff - from customer service handlers to the packers who come to your home
  2. Number of years in the business
  3. Single office vs multiple offices
  4. The type of shifting - intra-city, inter-city, or international
  5. The ability to handle different types of cargo - fragile, vehicles, pets, pianos, etc
  6. The ability to track shipments, provide insurance cover
  7. The accreditations with ethical moving associations
  8. Social Proof - testimonials, case studies, reviews and ratings from independent, 3rd party sources
  9. Are they real movers? Lead generation companies? Aggregators?

Customers have a hard time choosing, correctly.

After this, the two business paths diverge.


Glovve's City Guides and Resources Page for Movers in India


So what exactly do the movers and packers do that schools don’t?

Moving comapnies and servcies do invest in content marketing and promotions. Most international schools are just happy with a website and little else.

Because of the competitiveness of the industry, movers and packers, are forced to look at ways to garner business online.

Some believe that SEO is the magic bullet. Yet others use SEO and PPC Ads to drive traffic. A few who can afford it use content marketing where they play with content, search and social effectively for results.

Content marketing involves a combination of search, social, and content coming together to increase the salience and sell for the brand.

  1. It is the new SEO - it’s sticky, original, keyword rich content on the website and as backlinks that yields value to the brand
  2. It’s the new social - as without content social is tricky and full of announcements
  3. It’s the new content of value to the customer - you create trust, authority, and value through content.


How does this manifest for clients?

Moving Ideas that your can use from Writer Relocations


Social Media for's Facebook Fan Page


Backlinks's Slideshare Page



Free eBooks on Moving at Writer Relocations

What lessons can schools learn from the content marketing for moving companies?

Schools can and should use content marketing for many reasons.

  1. To build content on keywords that customers search
  2. To build authority and trust with customers through creating value for them
  3. To come up on organic search results for keywords
  4. To gain an edge over competition and get more leads

But, content marketing requires some budgets. Not as much as what regular advertising consumes but still enough to get traction via content and links of value.

Do you know of examples of content marketing for schools?
What has been your experience with content marketing for schools. Let your comments roll.

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