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Is your school a brand that everyone will remember?

So what is a school brand? Most of us think of brands as logos, taglines and other non-essential factors. Your school brand is the sum of all experiences across all customer points. Think of your school premises, your reception of customers, your teachers, your curriculum and extracurricular activities, your interactions with parents, each an every interaction across media with you by your stakeholders, is your brand… View More

How to use social media effectively to drive more traffic to your school website

Social media is a free, quick and easy communications method. Yet, many education institutions are nervous about using social media channels to further their marketing and communications objectives. School systems need to have a social media strategy promoting their campuses, programs, and advertising for education. The possibilities for school marketing using social media strategy are endless. Here are 5 ways to leverage… View More

5 ways to leverage Facebook for your school enrollments

Lot of your current and prospective students spend a great deal of time on Facebook. It makes sense therefore to use it as a platform for marketing your school. 1. Be Welcoming You would want to have a lively wall, full of comments, posts and discussions, but you don’t want this to be the page that people land on. Create a welcome tab made specifically to greet visitors to the page and encourage them to become fans.… View More

6 tips that will take your school website to the top

Here are 6 tips to make your website stand out Make your website easy to use A good school website is a powerful opportunity to involve, inform and communicate with your stakeholders - students, parents, staff and the local community. Educational Websites have a lot of roles to fill. Usability is about enabling a visitor to quickly find what they came for and giving them a smooth experience along the way. Less is… View More

Does Your School Need A Digital Makeover? Find out Now!

For colleges and  schools to stand out amongst the vast array of information available online, they need to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan in order to reach potential students in the right place and at the right time. Here are 5 ways schools can get started with their digital marketing plan 1. Create Great Content Great content is an essential factor for both the… View More

How to Create Effective Landing Pages for your School

So, whether you’re using landing pages to support enrollment or for development campaigns, keep this article in mind as you aspire to design the very best private school landing pages. A step by step guide is given here to help you make that perfect landing page for your school website. Don’t be afraid of color: Color and contrast can help a lot. Your main goal should be to get people to click on the… View More