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International schools - the trends in a growing market

The International school market growth The International School Consultancy Group, which researches and analyses data on international schools worldwide, predicts that the number of students in international schools will reach six million within the next ten years. It expects the number of international schools to increase from 6000 to 10,000. According to the ISC, there are currently 180 schools planned or under construction,… View More

Is your school a brand that everyone will remember?

So what is a school brand? Most of us think of brands as logos, taglines and other non-essential factors. Your school brand is the sum of all experiences across all customer points. Think of your school premises, your reception of customers, your teachers, your curriculum and extracurricular activities, your interactions with parents, each an every interaction across media with you by your stakeholders, is your brand… View More

6 tips that will take your school website to the top

Here are 6 tips to make your website stand out Make your website easy to use A good school website is a powerful opportunity to involve, inform and communicate with your stakeholders - students, parents, staff and the local community. Educational Websites have a lot of roles to fill. Usability is about enabling a visitor to quickly find what they came for and giving them a smooth experience along the way. Less is… View More

Digital Marketing that Gets Parents to Like Your School.

Here are 5 examples of different digital marketing approaches that you can use to reach out to, and connect with, the parents of prospective student. Invest in a Web PortalĀ for Parents Pages on the website that specifically target parents are very common. But more and more schools are moving forward with this idea, creating fuller microsites or portals to serve the experiences to prospective as well as enrolled students'… View More