School Marketing CMS Overview

Get the school website that you always dreamed of.

Easy-to-use by your staff. Results-driven for you.
  • Enroll more students for your school 
  • Provide your school with its very own flavour and distinction 
  • Convince prospective parents through effective communications
  • Make it easy for parents to choose your school
  • Reduce pressure on teachers with FAQs online
  • Make your website mobile and tablet-friendly
  • Make it easy for non-technical staff to manage content
  • Market your school online

View the features of Punditam, the Marketing CMS for Schools.

How good is your school website?

6 quick clues to help you assess it.

Does it sell, or does it simply tell?

Does it talk to parents or does it just talk about what you do?

Does your culture come through?

Does your teaching, philosophy and unique character shine through?

Are customer preferences accounted?

Is the navigation addressing different customer concerns?

Does it look professional?

Aesthetically shot photos, videos and well-written copy that allows your students, events and activities to speak through it?

Is the text readable?

Clearly formatted? Hierarchical, with subheads? Using short sentences? Pleasant on the eye? Scannable quickly?

Reasons to opt for your school?

Is this clearly spelt out? Are the reasons of value to parents? Or does it leave everything to the parent's imagination?

What happens if your school website doesn't deliver?


When your school's persuasion is ineffective, it hurts you. It hurts prospective parents.


What parents see, is what parents get. 

Parents go by what they see and read about your school online. If the benefits of sending their child to your school aren't spelt out, how can they take an informed decision? Have you made it easy for them to understand you on your website?

Does your website fall short on detail?

Are FAQs, Accomplishments, Events and Activities detailed, and renewed periodically? These give parents a sense of what their child would do at your school. 

Does your web site pain the parents?

Check if your school website frustrates parents, or helps them firm up their decisions? What could you do to make it better?

Discover Punditam, the Marketing CMS for your School.

Introducing the complete online marketing system for your school.

Deliver persuasion that fetches you results.

Imagine custom-crafted communications that help your school

  • Gain positive awareness amongst potential parents
  • Get more student enrollments
  • Develop pride and respect in the community 
  • Answer FAQs to reduce counselling time
Imagine persuasion delivered by experienced pundits.

Punditam is backed by 18 years of marketing success on over 650 web projects across 10 countries. That's experience which you just can't buy elsewhere for your school website.

Explore Punditam, the Marketing CMS for your School.

Get a CMS that's customized for schools.

Imagine a Ferrari-class content management engine driving your website - free, open source and customized for schools. 

Embrace Punditam. It makes communications faster and easier for you. It engages the audiences who matter to you - prospective parents, current parents, alumni, students, and staff.

Armed with Punditam, your staff can easily contribute content, along with your students, parents, and your community.

You, the decision maker, can also clinically measure the success of your online efforts with the built-in analytics. Make course corrections and succeed on the web.

Discover Punditam, the website marketing system for your school.


Combine your website with powerful inbound marketing.

Market your website, skillfully.

In highly cluttered and competitive internet, you know that creating a website is just one part of your success story. To win online, to get customers, you need to market your website actively.

Content is your key to marketing.

You must create content that's of value to your audience. The content must contain keywords of critical search terms used by parents. You must magically rise above the noise in social media with unmatched frequency. None of this is easy.

Get parents flocking to you.

We will create content for you that prospective parents will love. Opt for our Inbound Marketing Programme for Schools.

Amplify your content 10 X.

We will amplify the reach of your content  in social media. We will help you drive immediate traffic via social media and online advertising. Plus, we'll help you get long term traffic via keyworded content. Quite simply, we will get you results.

Built with love, by Pigtail Pundits.


Distilled energy flows through Punditam.

18 years online. 650+ projects wiser.

300,000+ man-hours invested into technology. That's the experience flowing through Punditam.

We have also built the websites for three of Mumbai's premier international schools. Each is distinctive and singular in design. Each is managed by the school team without any external help.

Punditam, the powerful CMS for Schools, takes the insights we have gleaned over the years, to fine-tune your website for results.

Explore Punditam, the Marketing CMS for your School.

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