School Marketing CMS Pricing

The Complete School Marketing CMS.

Though Punditam comes with all the bells and whistles of a powerful School Marketing CMS, it is 10X cheaper than other CMS for Schools in its class. 

Create your school website on a powerful CMS. 

ElementsBase CMSUp to 20 pagesUp to 40 pagesUp to 80 pages
Custom CopyIncludedYesYesYes
ImagesIncludedup to 200up to 400up to 750
Custom TemplatesIncluded568
Custom DesignIncludedYesYesYes
Cloud Hosting for year 1IncludedYesYesYes
Training for StaffIncludedYesYesYes
Analytics ReportingIncludedMonthlyMonthlyMonthly
Upgrades for Year 11 upgrade of the CMS inlcudedYesYesYes
Cost US $-$2999 one-time$4999 one-time$7999 one-time
Recurring license, upgrades, reporting from year 2$999 pa$999 pa$999 pa

Market your school for less.

The Inbound Marketing Programme is an option for schools which wish to market the website online. It's a powerful, measurable service that propels your school online and gets you more enrolments. Choose what you need, or select all the services for one low price. You can choose this option with Punditam CMS, or choose it independently. 

Write Blogs for your School - $ 649 pm

4 curated articles, of value to parents, 500-700 words each, researched, linked and illustrated suitably with royalty-free stock images [4-5] per article. Plus, one infographic per month.

Write articles for Backlinks - $ 299 pm

Rewrite 4 articles for seeding in sites with keyword links from each article pointing to your site. Create one set of slides from posts and share it in appropriate sites.

Create, Send and Measure Newsletter Efficacy - $299 pm

We will create, schedule, send and analyze the metrics for the Newsletter. Up to 25,000 emails per month included - $ 249 om. Optimised Delivery Infrastructure for sending emails + Analytics included.

Post to Social Media - $ 399 pm

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest covered. 10 branded posts, 10 curated posts, and 10 blog posts with your branding and call to action. Scheduled posts for articles 30 posts x 5 networks x 4 posts per day per network = 600 posts pm . Social Bookmarking of articles and posts: 200.

Analytics and Conversion Insights - $399 pm

Social Media and Site analytics. SEO Analytics. HeatMap Analytics. Newsletter Analytics included.

Facebook Ads $500 pm

Minimum $400 pm spend. Management fee of $100 pm. One-time fee for creatives and setup $500. 

All Inbound Marketing Services bought together - $ 1,999 pm [You save $ 447 pm]

Minimum 3 months commitment for any plan.